Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12K: Everything You Need to Know

Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12K

Explore the Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12K, a high-resolution, large-volume resin 3D printer. Discover its features, capabilities.

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The Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12K is a groundbreaking addition to the world of resin 3D printing, showcasing Elegoo’s commitment to advancing 3D printing technology. This printer, emanating from Elegoo’s China-based facilities, is designed for those who demand high resolution and large build volumes in their 3D printing projects.

Deeper Dive into Elegoo and Saturn 3 Ultra 12K

Elegoo has consistently set benchmarks in the 3D printing industry, and the Saturn 3 Ultra 12K is no exception. This model employs Masked Stereolithography (MSLA) technology to deliver unparalleled detail and precision. It’s particularly suited for applications that require large-scale printing without compromising on the intricacies of the design, such as architectural models, large-scale art pieces, and functional prototypes.

Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12K
Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12K

Spec Sheet

  • Printer: Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12K
  • Brand: Elegoo
  • Country: China
  • Link: Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12K
  • Technology: MSLA
  • Material: Thermosets
  • Feedstock Format: Filament
  • Build Volume [L]: 6.99
  • W [mm]: 218.88
  • D [mm]: 122.88
  • H [mm]: 260
  • Layer Height Min [mm]: 0.01
  • Layer Height Max [mm]: 0.2
  • Build Chamber: Enclosed
  • Actively Heated Build Chamber: No
  • Air Management: Yes
  • Automated Build Plate Calibration: No
  • Resolution W [Pixel]: 11520
  • Resolution D [Pixel]: 5120
  • Resolution W [µm]: 19.0
  • Resolution D [µm]: 24.0
  • Projection Technology: Monochrome LCD
  • Wavelength [nm]: 405
  • LPU Lifespan [h]: 2000

Frequently Asked Questions about Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12K

What advantages does the 12K resolution bring to the Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12K?

The 12K resolution of the Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12K offers an exceptionally high level of detail and precision, making it ideal for intricate designs that demand fine features. This high resolution is particularly beneficial for professional applications like detailed architectural models, intricate art pieces, and precision engineering components.

Is the Saturn 3 Ultra 12K suitable for beginners?

The Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12K, while advanced in its capabilities, is designed with a user-friendly interface that can be approachable for beginners. However, due to its large build volume and high-resolution capabilities, it may be more suited to users with some experience in 3D printing or those ready to take on a more sophisticated machine.

How does the lack of an actively heated build chamber impact the printing process?

The absence of an actively heated build chamber in the Saturn 3 Ultra 12K means that it relies on ambient temperature for maintaining a consistent printing environment. This could affect the quality of prints when using certain resins that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. However, for most standard resin printing applications, the performance remains unaffected, and the enclosed build chamber helps in maintaining a stable environment.

Can the Saturn 3 Ultra 12K print with various types of resins?

Yes, the Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12K is compatible with a wide range of thermoset resins, offering flexibility for different printing needs. This allows users to choose resins based on the desired properties of the final print, such as flexibility, strength, or transparency, enhancing the printer’s versatility in handling various projects.

What maintenance is required for the Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12K?

Regular maintenance for the Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12K includes cleaning the build plate and resin vat, ensuring the LCD screen is free from any resin residue, and replacing the FEP film in the resin vat when necessary. It’s also important to keep the printer in a clean environment and handle sensitive components, such as the LCD screen, with care to ensure longevity and consistent print quality.

How does the large build volume of the Saturn 3 Ultra 12K benefit users?

The large build volume of the Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12K (6.99 liters) is a significant advantage for users looking to print large-scale models or multiple parts simultaneously. This feature makes it an ideal choice for applications like prototyping, large-scale art installations, and detailed architectural models, where a larger print area is essential.

What is the role of the monochrome LCD in this printer?

The monochrome LCD in the Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12K plays a crucial role in achieving high-resolution prints efficiently. The monochrome LCD allows for faster curing of resins compared to traditional LCDs, leading to quicker print times. It also contributes to the printer’s ability to produce finer details and smoother surfaces in the final prints.

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