Elegoo Neptune 4: Everything You Need to Know

Elegoo Neptune 4

The Elegoo Neptune 4 3D printer shines with its all-metal hot end, detailed printing capabilities, and ease of use. Perfect for both novices and pros.

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Introducing the Elegoo Neptune 4, a 3D printer that offers precision, ease of use, and reliability, all packaged in a sleek, compact design. This model, coming from the reputable brand Elegoo, is crafted to cater to both beginners and experienced users who demand quality prints and a seamless printing experience.

Brand and Printer Overview

Elegoo has a well-earned reputation for quality and innovation in the 3D printing industry. The Neptune 4, hailing from their impressive lineup, utilizes Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology and is optimized for thermoplastic materials. With its all-metal hot end and robust build quality, the Neptune 4 is an excellent option for those who require a dependable printer for detailed work and consistent performance.

Elegoo Neptune 4
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Spec Sheet

  • Printer: Neptune 4
  • Brand: Elegoo
  • Country: China
  • Link: Elegoo Neptune 4
  • Technology: FFF
  • Material: Thermoplastics
  • Feedstock Format: Filament
  • Build Volume [L]: 13.42
  • W [mm]: 225
  • D [mm]: 225
  • H [mm]: 265
  • Layer Height Min [mm]: 0.05
  • Layer Height Max [mm]: 0.3
  • Build Chamber: Open
  • Actively Heated Build Chamber: No
  • Air Management: No
  • Motion System: Cartesian
  • Hot End: All Metal
  • Max Hot End Temperature [°C]: 300
  • Max Build Plate Temperature [°C]: 110
  • Max Print speed [mm/s]: 180
  • Automated Buildplate Calibration: Yes

FAQs about Elegoo Neptune 4

What makes the Elegoo Neptune 4 suitable for detailed work?

The Elegoo Neptune 4 is equipped with a precision all-metal hot end and a fine layer resolution range of 0.05mm to 0.3mm, allowing for detailed and accurate prints. This makes it suitable for intricate designs and fine features in 3D printing projects.

How easy is it to start printing with the Neptune 4 for someone new to 3D printing?

The Elegoo Neptune 4 is designed with ease of use in mind, featuring automated build plate calibration to simplify the initial setup. Combined with its user-friendly interface, it’s a great choice for beginners.

Can the Neptune 4 handle long print jobs?

Yes, the Neptune 4’s robust build quality and reliable motion system are designed to handle long print jobs while maintaining consistent quality throughout the printing process.

What is the maximum temperature the Neptune 4’s build plate can reach?

The build plate of the Neptune 4 can reach a maximum temperature of 110°C, which is conducive to printing with a variety of thermoplastic materials that require a heated bed.

Does the open build chamber of the Neptune 4 affect print quality?

While an open build chamber can be susceptible to environmental factors, the Neptune 4 compensates with a high-quality motion system and hot end that help maintain print quality. For materials that are sensitive to temperature changes, it’s recommended to print in a controlled environment.

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