Elegoo Mars 4 Max 6K: Everything You Need to Know

Elegoo Mars 4 Max 6K

The Elegoo Mars 4 Max 6K combines large build volume with 6K high-resolution printing for professionals and hobbyists. Uncover detailed specs and FAQs.

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The Elegoo Mars 4 Max 6K enters the market as a formidable contender, offering a harmonious blend of size and resolution for 3D printing aficionados. Part of the esteemed Mars series by Elegoo, the Mars 4 Max 6K extends the capabilities of its predecessors, providing a larger build volume while still maintaining impressive detail with its 6K monochrome LCD.

Brand and Technology

Elegoo has established a strong presence in the global 3D printing industry, coming from its base in China. The Mars 4 Max 6K highlights Elegoo’s commitment to innovation, using Masked Stereolithography Apparatus (MSLA) technology to cater to users who require larger prints without compromising on the precision and detail that resin printers are known for.

Elegoo Mars 4 Max 6K
Elegoo Mars 4 Max 6K


  • Printer: Elegoo Mars 4 Max 6K
  • Brand: Elegoo
  • Country: China
  • Link: Elegoo Mars 4 Max 6K
  • Technology: MSLA
  • Material: Thermosets
  • Feedstock Format: Resin
  • Build Volume [L]: 3.60
  • W [mm]: 195.84
  • D [mm]: 122.4
  • H [mm]: 150
  • Layer Height Min [mm]: 0.01
  • Layer Height Max [mm]: 0.2
  • Build Chamber: Enclosed
  • Actively Heated Build Chamber: No
  • Active Heated Build Chamber Temperature [°C]: No
  • Air management: Yes
  • Automated Build plate Calibration: No
  • Resolution W [Pixel]: 5700
  • Resolution D [Pixel]: 3600
  • Resolution W [µm]: 34.4
  • Resolution D [µm]: 34.0
  • Projection Technology: Monochrome LCD
  • Wavelength [nm]: 405
  • LPU Lifespan [h]: 2000

FAQs about Elegoo Mars 4 Max 6K

What sets the Mars 4 Max 6K apart from other models in the Mars series?

The Mars 4 Max 6K differentiates itself with a larger build area and a 6K resolution LCD, providing more space for printing without losing the fine detail that MSLA technology offers.

How does the 6K resolution enhance the printing experience?

A 6K resolution means that the Mars 4 Max 6K can produce prints with a high level of detail, resulting in smoother surfaces and more refined features, which is especially beneficial for larger prints that still require fine details.

Is the Elegoo Mars 4 Max 6K suitable for professional applications?

Yes, the combination of a larger build volume and high-resolution printing makes the Mars 4 Max 6K suitable for professionals who need to create detailed prototypes or end-use parts with a smooth finish.

Can I print multiple items at once with the Mars 4 Max 6K?

Yes, the expanded build volume of the Mars 4 Max 6K allows users to print multiple items simultaneously, increasing productivity and efficiency for batch production.

What kind of air management system does the Mars 4 Max 6K have?

The Mars 4 Max 6K comes with an air management system designed to maintain a clean and controlled environment inside the build chamber, which is crucial for consistent high-quality resin prints.

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