Creality Sermoon D3 Pro: Everything You Need to Know

Creality Sermoon D3 Pro

Discover the Creality Sermoon D3 Pro 3D printer: Explore its features, capabilities, and specifications to understand why it’s a top choice for 3D printing enthusiasts.

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The Creality Sermoon D3 Pro is a state-of-the-art 3D printer tailored for professionals and demanding users who require a high-performance machine with an enclosed design for improved print quality and safety. This printer is geared towards achieving exceptional precision and reliability, suitable for a wide range of applications from prototyping to small-scale manufacturing. The Sermoon D3 Pro is designed with a focus on user convenience and advanced features, providing an enclosed printing environment that is perfect for materials sensitive to temperature fluctuations and external disturbances.

About the Printer and Brand

Creality, a brand synonymous with innovation in 3D printing, introduces the Sermoon D3 Pro, which boasts a build volume of 290x220x300mm, providing ample space for various project sizes. The enclosed chamber not only maintains a consistent temperature but also reduces noise and keeps out dust and other contaminants. The printer features a Cartesian gantry motion system, which is known for its robustness and accuracy, ensuring that prints are consistently of high quality.

The Sermoon D3 Pro reaches a maximum hot-end temperature of 300°C and a heated bed temperature of up to 120°C, making it versatile enough to print with a range of materials including PLA, ABS, TPU, and more specialized filaments. It is equipped with advanced features such as a touchscreen interface, filament detection, and resume printing capabilities, along with an easy-to-use bed-leveling system. These features make the Sermoon D3 Pro a highly accessible printer for users who require professional-grade printing in a more controlled printing environment.

For detailed specifications and to explore the advanced features of the Creality Sermoon D3 Pro, please visit the Creality Sermoon D3 Pro spec sheet.

Creality Sermoon D3 Pro
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Spec Sheet

  • Printer Brand: Creality
  • Country: China
  • Link: Creality Sermoon D3 Pro
  • Technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
  • Material: Thermoplastics
  • Feedstock Format: Filament
  • Build Volume [L]: 19.14
  • W [mm]: 290
  • D [mm]: 220
  • H [mm]: 300
  • Layer Height [mm]: 0.1-0.35
  • Build Chamber: Enclosed
  • Actively Heated Build Chamber: No
  • Air Management: Yes
  • Motion System: Cartesian
  • Hot End: All Metal
  • Max Hot End Temperature [°C]: 300
  • Max Build Plate Temperature [°C]: 120
  • Max Print Speed [mm/s]: 300
  • Automated Buildplate Calibration: Yes


What technology does the Creality Sermoon D3 Pro use?

The Creality Sermoon D3 Pro utilizes FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technology, which is ideal for creating detailed and durable 3D prints using thermoplastic filaments.

Is the build chamber of the Sermoon D3 Pro actively heated?

No, the Sermoon D3 Pro does not have an actively heated build chamber. However, it does feature an enclosed chamber to help maintain a consistent temperature during printing.

Can the Creality Sermoon D3 Pro print with any type of filament?

While the all-metal hot end of the Sermoon D3 Pro is capable of reaching 300°C, allowing it to print with a variety of thermoplastics, it is always recommended to check the specific filament compatibility for optimal results.

Does the printer come with automated build plate calibration?

Yes, the Creality Sermoon D3 Pro is equipped with automated build plate calibration to simplify the setup process and ensure that the printing starts with the best possible alignment, enhancing the overall quality of the 3D prints.

What is the maximum print speed of the Creality Sermoon D3 Pro?

The Creality Sermoon D3 Pro offers a maximum print speed of 300 mm/s, which is quite impressive and contributes to faster production times without compromising print quality.


The Creality Sermoon D3 Pro stands as a reliable and sophisticated piece of technology in the 3D printing market. It’s a printer that balances performance, convenience, and accessibility, making it a suitable choice for both beginners and experienced users alike. By offering features like an all-metal hot end, automated build plate calibration, and a sizeable build volume within an enclosed chamber, it aims to provide a seamless printing experience.

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