Creality HALOT-ONE: Everything You Need to Know

Creality HALOT-ONE

Discover the Creality HALOT-ONE: a compact, precise MSLA resin 3D printer, perfect for users needing detailed prints in a space-efficient design.

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The Creality HALOT-ONE stands as an impressive entry in the realm of resin 3D printing, designed for users who seek high-resolution prints without the high-end price tag. It’s an ideal choice for hobbyists, educators, and professionals in need of detailed models, dental appliances, and intricate jewelry with precision and efficiency. The HALOT-ONE combines advanced technology with user-friendly features, ensuring a seamless and productive 3D printing experience for users at all levels. With its focus on detail, speed, and reliability, the HALOT-ONE is set to be a game-changer in accessible resin 3D printing.

About the Printer and Brand

Creality continues to push the boundaries of 3D printing with the HALOT-ONE, which features a high-resolution monochrome LCD of 2560×1620 pixels. This allows for incredibly detailed prints and significantly faster curing times than standard resin printers. With a build volume of 127x80x160mm, it offers a versatile space for a variety of printing projects while maintaining a compact design that fits easily in any workspace. The HALOT-ONE’s advanced integral light source technology ensures even and accurate exposure, which is key for achieving the finest print quality and dimensional accuracy. Designed with the user in mind, the HALOT-ONE includes a straightforward interface and compatibility with Creality’s intuitive slicing software, making it a powerful tool for anyone looking to delve into the world of high-quality resin printing.

For further information and to explore the features of the Creality HALOT-ONE, please visit the Creality HALOT-ONE spec sheet.

Spec Sheet

  • Printer Brand: Creality
  • Country: China
  • Link: Creality HALOT-ONE
  • Technology: MSLA
  • Material: Thermosets (Resin)
  • Feedstock Format: Resin
  • Build Volume [L]: 1.63
  • W [mm]: 127
  • D [mm]: 80
  • H [mm]: 160
  • Layer Height [mm]: 0.05-0.15
  • Build Chamber: Enclosed
  • Actively Heated Build Chamber: No
  • Air Management: Yes
  • Resolution [µm]: 50
  • Projection Technology: Monochrome LCD
  • Automated Buildplate Calibration: No


What makes the HALOT-ONE unique in resin 3D printing?

The HALOT-ONE is recognized for its high-resolution monochrome LCD, which allows for precise curing of resin layers and more efficient printing. This feature makes it ideal for producing detailed and high-quality resin prints.

What types of projects is the HALOT-ONE suitable for?

The HALOT-ONE is well-suited for projects that require fine detail and smooth finishes, such as intricate jewelry, dental models, detailed miniatures, and prototypes that demand high accuracy.

What is the build volume of the Creality HALOT-ONE?

The HALOT-ONE offers a build volume of 1.63 liters, with dimensions of 127mm x 80mm x 160mm (W x D x H), catering to small to medium-sized resin printing projects.

Is the Creality HALOT-ONE user-friendly for beginners?

While incorporating advanced technology, the HALOT-ONE is designed to be accessible for beginners, featuring an intuitive interface and a straightforward setup process.

Does the HALOT-ONE include features for improved printing?

Yes, the HALOT-ONE includes an air management system for a safer printing environment and utilizes high-resolution LCD technology for enhanced print accuracy. However, it does not feature automated build plate calibration.

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