Creality CR-10 SE: Everything You Need to Know

Discover the Creality CR-10 SE: a versatile, large-format FFF 3D printer in the CR-10 series, ideal for users seeking enhanced features and reliability.

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The Creality CR-10 SE elevates the renowned CR-10 series to new heights with its blend of large-format printing capabilities, reliability, and enhanced features designed to cater to the needs of a wide audience. From hobbyists to professionals, the CR-10 SE is engineered to deliver high-quality prints across a variety of applications, including prototyping, architectural models, and large-scale art projects. This model builds upon the legacy of the CR-10 series, offering improvements that enhance usability, precision, and print quality, making it a versatile choice for anyone looking to push the boundaries of their 3D printing projects.

About the Printer and Brand

Creality has solidified its reputation in the 3D printing industry with its range of reliable and accessible printers, and the CR-10 SE is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation. Featuring a substantial build volume of 220x220x265mm, the CR-10 SE allows for the creation of large prints or multiple small parts in a single print job. The printer operates on a Cartesian motion system, ensuring stability and precision throughout the printing process. With a maximum hot-end temperature of 300°C and a build plate that can heat up to 110°C, the CR-10 SE is capable of handling a wide variety of filaments, from PLA to more advanced materials like ABS and TPU. Additionally, the inclusion of automated build plate calibration and a resume printing feature in case of power loss ensures a user-friendly experience, minimizing the potential for print failures and maximizing overall productivity.

For further details and to explore the capabilities of the Creality CR-10 SE, please visit the Creality CR-10 SE spec sheet.

Creality CR 10 SE

Spec Sheet

  • Printer Brand: Creality
  • Country: China
  • Link: Creality CR-10 SE
  • Technology: FFF
  • Material: Thermoplastics
  • Feedstock Format: Filament
  • Build Volume [L]: 12.83
  • W [mm]: 220
  • D [mm]: 220
  • H [mm]: 265
  • Layer Height [mm]: 0.1-0.35
  • Build Chamber: Open
  • Actively Heated Build Chamber: No
  • Air Management: No
  • Motion System: Cartesian
  • Hot End: All Metal
  • Max Hot End Temperature [°C]: 300
  • Max Build Plate Temperature [°C]: 110
  • Max Travel Speed [mm/s]: 600
  • Automated Buildplate Calibration: Yes


What are the standout features of the Creality CR-10 SE?

The Creality CR-10 SE stands out for its large build volume of 12.83 liters, all-metal hot end capable of reaching 300°C, and a heated build plate that can reach 110°C. These features enable high-quality prints with various materials and intricate details.

Can the CR-10 SE handle different types of filaments?

Yes, the CR-10 SE’s all-metal hot end and heated build plate make it suitable for printing with a variety of filaments, including PLA, ABS, PETG, and more specialized materials.

What is the build volume of the Creality CR-10 SE?

The CR-10 SE offers a build volume of 12.83 liters, with dimensions of 220mm x 220mm x 265mm (W x D x H), accommodating a wide range of project sizes.

Is the Creality CR-10 SE suitable for professional use?

The CR-10 SE is well-suited for professional applications, particularly where large build volume and high-temperature capabilities are important. Its robust design and advanced features make it a reliable choice for professional settings.

How user-friendly is the Creality CR-10 SE?

While the CR-10 SE offers advanced features, it remains user-friendly, with automated bed leveling and an intuitive interface. However, some experience in 3D printing may be beneficial to fully utilize its capabilities.

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