BIQU: Everything You Need to Know

Discover the innovative world of BIQU 3D printers – your guide to FFF and M-SLA printing technologies, serving makers with quality and creativity.

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Introduction to BIQU – Pioneering Creativity and Innovation in 3D Printing

Discovering BIQU’s Legacy of Innovation

As we delve into the realm of 3D printing, one name stands out for its commitment to creativity and technological innovation: BIQU. A brand synonymous with freedom in creation and turning dreams into reality, BIQU offers an extensive array of 3D printers, extruders, hotbeds, filaments, and upgrade kits tailored for hobbyists and professionals alike. Their brother brand, BIGTREETECH, complements BIQU’s offerings with its red-hued lineup of mainboards, screens, driver boards, and modules, each representing the fusion of innovative spirit and technological prowess.

BIQU Hurakan

BIQU’s Mission: For Makers, By Makers

At the heart of BIQU’s ethos is a dedication to the maker movement. “BIQU was born for makers and serves makers. BIQU will always bring something different to everyone,” asserts the CEO & Founder. This principle guides every aspect of BIQU’s operations, from product design to customer service.

A Focus on Quality and Innovation

Since BIGTREETECH’s inception in 2015, their technicians have devoted themselves to perfecting printers and accessories. Their pursuit of excellence has yielded over 100 patents and a global community of over 2 million satisfied customers across 100 countries. BIQU’s innovative spirit is evident in their EZ series of motherboards and drivers, which revolutionize the traditional driver application, and the CB1 core board for the Klipper system, boasting powerful performance and cost-efficiency.

BIQU’s 3D Printer Catalogue – FFF and M-SLA Technologies at a Glance

In the following table, we have cataloged BIQU’s lineup of 3D printers, showcasing the diversity of their technologies, ranging from the versatile FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) to the precision-driven M-SLA (Masked Stereolithography Apparatus).

BIQUBIQU HurakanBIQU HurakanFFFThermoplast

The BIQU Hurakan: A Storm of Creativity in FFF Printing

The BIQU Hurakan, named after the powerful storm deity, reflects its namesake’s strength and versatility. This section will explore the Hurakan’s specifications, ideal use cases, and customer testimonials.

The BIQU B1 Series: Redefining Accessibility and Flexibility

From the sleek BIQU B1 to the enhanced BIQU B1 SE PLUS, the B1 series offers a range of options for both newcomers and seasoned makers. Here, we’ll delve into the features that make the B1 series a favorite among enthusiasts.

BIQU BX: The Flagship Model for Advanced Makers

The BIQU BX stands at the pinnacle of BIQU’s FFF printer lineup. In this segment, we’ll break down its advanced features, community-driven enhancements, and integration with BIGTREETECH components.

BIQU PIXEL L and PISCES: Mastering Precision with M-SLA

BIQU’s venture into M-SLA technology with the PIXEL L and PISCES models brings unprecedented precision to the table. We’ll examine how these printers cater to detail-oriented projects and the benefits of M-SLA over traditional 3D printing methods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What distinguishes BIQU printers in the market? BIQU printers are known for their innovation, user-friendly design, upgradeability, and strong community and customer support.

How is the BIQU B1 SE PLUS an upgrade from the B1? The BIQU B1 SE PLUS offers a larger build volume, improved stability, better components, and a more intuitive touchscreen.

What are the benefits of M-SLA in BIQU PIXEL L? M-SLA in the BIQU PIXEL L provides high precision and detail, ideal for intricate designs requiring smooth surfaces.

What support does BIQU offer makers? BIQU offers comprehensive manuals, responsive customer service, an active online community, and regular firmware updates.

How does BIGTREETECH’s innovation influence BIQU? BIGTREETECH’s innovative approach has led to advanced motherboard and driver designs, enhancing BIQU’s product offerings.

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