BambuLab X1E: Everything You Need to Know

Explore the BambuLab X1E 3D Printer: A perfect fusion of high-tech features and user-friendliness for exceptional 3D printing experiences.

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The BambuLab X1E emerges as a flagship model in the realm of desktop 3D printing, combining cutting-edge features with user-centric design. This printer, part of the esteemed X1 series by BambuLab, elevates the standard for what’s possible in a home or professional workshop setting. With its enclosed build chamber, enhanced temperature control, and advanced material capabilities, the X1E is tailored for those who demand precision and versatility in their 3D printing projects. This comprehensive guide aims to unfold every aspect of the BambuLab X1E, from its intricate design to its multifaceted functionalities.

About the Printer and Brand

BambuLab, a forward-thinking brand based in China, has a reputation for pushing the boundaries in 3D printer technology. The X1E is a prime example of this ethos, showcasing significant improvements over its predecessors in the X1 series. The printer employs Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology and is crafted to handle a wide array of thermoplastics. Notably, the X1E features an enclosed build chamber with active temperature control, making it ideal for materials that require consistent heat conditions. The addition of air filtration is a thoughtful touch, enhancing the safety and comfort of the printing process. The X1E’s Cartesian CoreXY motion system is engineered for precision, catering to users who require the utmost accuracy and reliability in their prints.

BambuLab X1E Combo
BambuLab X1E Combo

Comparison with Other BambuLab Printers

It’s insightful to compare the X1E with other BambuLab models to appreciate its position within the brand’s lineup.

Printer ModelBuild Chamber EnclosureAir FiltrationW [mm]D [mm]H [mm]
BambuLab A1OpenNo256256256
BambuLab A1 miniOpenNo180180180
BambuLab P1SEnclosedNo256256256
BambuLab P1POpenNo256256256
BambuLab X1-CarbonEnclosedYes256256256
BambuLab X1EEnclosedYes256256256

The X1E is distinguished by its enhanced features, including an actively heated build chamber and robust air filtration, making it a top-tier choice within BambuLab’s offerings.

The spec sheet section in a vertical table format

PrinterBambuLab X1E
LinkBambuLab X1E
Feedstock FormatFilament
Build Volume [L]16.78
W [mm]256
D [mm]256
H [mm]256
Layer Height Min [mm]0.08
Layer Height Max [mm]0.28
Build ChamberEnclosed
Actively Heated Build ChamberYes
Active Heated Build Chamber Temperature [°C]60
Air FiltrationYes
Motion SystemCartesian
Motion System DesignCoreXY
Max Hot End Temperature [°C]320
Max Build Plate Temperature [°C]110
Max Print speed [mm/s]500
Automated Buildplate CalibrationYes
Multi Material CapabilitiesYes

Filaments Possible

The BambuLab X1E is compatible with a wide range of filaments, reflecting its versatility and advanced capabilities. The filaments that can be used effectively with the X1E include:

Filaments Possible but Not Recommended

Due to the comprehensive features of the X1E, including its actively heated build chamber and air filtration system, it can handle a wide range of materials. However, always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for optimal printing conditions and to maintain the longevity of the printer.


How does the actively heated build chamber benefit the BambuLab X1E?

The actively heated build chamber in the X1E allows for better control over the printing environment, which is crucial for materials that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, such as ABS and Nylon.

What sets the BambuLab X1E apart from other models in the X1 series?

The X1E stands out with its actively heated build chamber, higher hot end temperature capacity (320°C), and enhanced air filtration system, making it suitable for a broader range of materials and more demanding printing tasks.

Can the X1E print at higher speeds without losing print quality?

Yes, the X1E can maintain a print speed of up to 500 mm/s while still delivering high-quality prints, thanks to its precision-engineered motion system and stable build environment.

Is the BambuLab X1E suitable for industrial applications?

While primarily designed for desktop use, the X1E’s advanced features and material compatibility make it a strong contender for certain industrial applications, especially for prototyping and small-scale production.

Does the X1E support multi-material printing?

Yes, the X1E is equipped with multi-material capabilities, enabling complex prints with different materials in one job, expanding creative and functional possibilities.

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